Face the music

Face the music (by Ania Svetozarov)

Falling apart need a fresh start
Starting to lose my mind
Waiting for you confirming the truth
You need to turn on the light

Seeing the sun  wake up and run
From what have been our past
Wake up and run

Knowing there’s no easy way  from the mess we’ve made
Losing hope there’s another chance left for us

Hidden deep inside there’s thought stronger than love
Pushing me aside, setting me apart
All the bits and pieces left of us fading away
Look me in the eyes, it’s time to face the music

The night is over now open your eyes and see
I’m not here for you, and you’re not here for me
Moving on in space and time is hard to do hey
Got to hold on through, we got to face the music

Going on we just need to let it go
There’s no way we could stay in here

We got to face the music